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Bracelets Jewellery

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

Like any other type of jewellery, the history of bracelets is very old. The first bracelets are thought to actually have a religious and spiritual purpose, and people in Latin America used to wear them to protect them against the evil eye. They could actually be attached to the arm as well as the ankle. Bracelets were also used for decorative purpose and were certainly the most popular form of decoration in the ancient world. They would have been very big or thinner and more delicate with sometimes a zoomorphic end.

Bracelets can be in a smooth and flexible form or a more solid form like bangles. Glass bangles are actually very popular in India where they are made from ordinary coloured glass. They would be worn stacked so the movement of the arm would cause them to make a nice sound. On top of bangles, you could find other types of bracelets like charm bracelets, slap bracelets, beaded bracelets or even link bracelets. Another common form of bracelet is the friendship bracelet. It usually is a simple handmade bracelet with various styles that are given to a friend as a symbol. Those kind of bracelets first appeared in Central America.