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Keyless Door Locks

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

There are different types that can be operated without the use of a key. They include biometric, touchpad and even remote controlled locks. Determining which fastener is best for you will depend on your personal security needs.

One of the most secure forms of a keyless lock is the biometric model. Biometric units do not use keys, scan cards or pins to provide access. These particular types use biometric technology in order to provide access to a building or home. The biometric technology that is most frequently used is the scanning of the fingerprint on the handle or lock of the door. It requires a registration of the fingerprints of the individuals who should have access to the particular building or home. The registration process provides a template or sample of each person’s fingerprint in order to provide a comparison when someone tries to access the building or home. Of all the locks that are keyless, biometric locks are considered to be the most secure.

Touchpad locks, also known as keypad, are another form of keyless entry. Touchpad entries use a pin to grant access to individuals. The pin is chosen by the individual that wants to secure the door. In some cases multiple pins can be used to secure the same door. The best of these models include the lock and the keypad all on one unit. Most of these are made from stainless steel and those that are used outside are waterproof to prevent the corrosion of the metal and the malfunctioning of the mechanical portion of the device. Many of these locks are battery operated and come with a battery alarm to alert the owner to a low battery to prevent lockouts. In addition, the touchpad can also be made with a keyhole just in case someone needs to override the pin code access.

Finally, there are also remote controlled locks. These consist of a deadbolt that is activated with the push of a button. These are reminiscent of the locks on most cars. Most remote models come with two remote controls but in some cases the number of remote controls to one lock can be expanded. It is powered off of double A batteries and most of these remote controlled devices work within a specific distance of the lock. These types of locks are convenient when your hands are full or if you simply prefer quick entry into your home or business.

Keyless locks are very durable and all of them are made from high quality metals that can endure various elements and the in the worse cases impact from someone trying to break and enter. No matter your level of security needs there is a lock that supports keyless entry for you.